Extreme Rock


“Extreme Rock” is powerful, sporty, energetic, heavy, rhythmic and rock.

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“Extreme Rock” is powerful, sporty, energetic, heavy, rhythmic and rock. Catchy power chord rhythm distorion guitar with modern beats, it’s endless loop and various duration versions available for flexible video editing.

Featuring Instruments :
Distortion Guitar, Bass, Synth, Percussion Instruments, Drum.

Suitable for :
extreme sport, stunt, motorcycle, typography video, adventure video, racing, car video, masculine, activities, slow motion, explanation, commercial, drama, TV, background music, film, travel, youtube, silde show, event and presentation projects.

Few variations of length and version:
Flexible and easy for your editing, which is included 4 different length of version of this track.
1. Full Version (1:35)
2. 60s Version (1:00)
3. 30s Version (0:20)
4. Loop Version (1:39)

The download package contained Mp3 and Wav file.


Thank you for viewing and listening my tracks, feel free to drop me some comments.



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